Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

What are the signs and symptoms of a bad roof, and how do you know that it needs to be replaced? In today’s blog, the roofing experts at Alpha Home Pros will be discussing what to look for when you suspect your roof may need some care.

The roof may be the most inconspicuous part of a building (since most of us don’t spend all day staring up), but it’s also the most important. In addition to helping keep rain and snow out of our homes or businesses, roofs shelter us from wind, keep hot and cold air from escaping, and stop the sun from burning our skin while we watch afternoon football on the television. Without a roof, a building is about as useful as a car with no tires.

Because we tend to ignore the roof above our heads, it’s usually the last place we look when getting ready to spend money on renovation or repair work. In this latest blog, the roofing repair experts at Alpha Home Pros will be discussing the importance of checking your roof annually, and what to look for when you suspect it may be damaged.

Damage In Your Attic

Regularly inspecting your attic for damage can be a good way to gauge whether your roof is in need of replacement. By checking your attic two to three times a year, you can potentially cut down on any additional cost that might accrue from a damaged roof affecting the attic space.

When inspecting an attic, there are certain signs to look for that can indicate roof damage. If you notice any of these, contact a roofing contractor to assess the damage and give you an estimate.

  • Water streaks or stains on the ceiling or walls

  • Light peaking through cracks or holes

  • Rotted wood

  • Water leaks

  • Wet insulation

Ignoring any of these signs can lead to even more damage down the line, so it’s in your best interests to have any of these problems looked at by a professional contractor if you encounter them in your attic.

A Sagging Roof

Is there a sag in the middle of your roof? If so, you should probably have a roofing contractor like Alpha Home Pros take a look at. A sagging roof can indicate a number of things, such as rotting support lumber, moisture trapped underneath the shingles, broken beams, or previous contact with a falling tree branch. Leaving a sagging roof to its own devices is a terrible idea, as time will allow the sag to grow even larger and ultimately leave the origin of the sag unchecked, which could allow the underlying cause itself to spread even further. This is something you’ll want to take care of as soon as possible, especially if you suspect that the sag has been caused by moisture.

Interior Wall Stains

Water stains or discolored streaks on the interior walls of your home or business could indicate that the roof’s underlayment is allowing moisture inside to areas it’s not normally supposed to go. If not treated quickly, this kind of damage can lead to mold developing on the affected areas, and you’ll find out the hard way that cleaning mold off of walls and replacing a roof at the same time is a very expensive endeavor. As with any kind of potential moisture damage to a home, it pays to track down the cause and get it repaired by an expert as soon as you can.

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High Energy Bills

Sudden spikes in air conditioning or heating costs can be caused by any number of issues, but one common cause is a poorly-sealed roof that is allowing air to escape from the building. Depending on the specifics of the cause, the fix can be as simple as replacing the shingles (relatively cheap) or as complicated as tearing out the underlayment and replacing it with a new one (relatively expensive). Either way, you’ll want to have a roofing contractor inspect your roof for any leaks, gaps, or tears.

Dark Streaks On The Roof

Dark streaks on the roof are usually due to airborne algae making its way onto the shingles, but they can also be caused by water damage around or underneath the shingles themselves. Algae by itself is harmless and won’t normally damage your shingles, but if you’re located in a region that gets a lot of moisture, algae can spread quickly and become a visual nuisance unless it’s cleaned off and treated with a bleach solution. Water damage is another matter entirely; unless handled by a professional roofer, it can spread quickly and cause mold to grow.

For Expert Roof Replacement And Repair, Trust The Folks At Alpha Home Pros

Hiring a contractor to renovate or repair your roof will save you time, stress, and money, and can be a no-brainer in many cases. For a lot of people, even just the thought of deconstructing something on their house can cause cold sweats and nightmares — that’s where professionals like Alpha Home Pros come in! They can be there to handle every aspect of your renovation, from planning to permits to labor.

If you live in the northern Kentucky area and ever have doubts or questions about a potential exterior remodeling project, contact the experts at Alpha Home Pros.