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Why is the strength and quality of your roof so important? To start, there isn’t an inch of your home or commercial facility that isn’t literally covered by it. Your roof also protects your personal belongings and assets. Finally, it provides comfort and guardianship for you and your loved ones. And when it is in disrepair, other elements of your property become vulnerable to damage as well. Your roof, without a doubt, is the single most important structural element of your home or building.

The Alpha Way

Built on a foundation of integrity, pride and good old-fashioned hard work, Alpha Home Pros is quickly becoming a leader in exterior services for all of Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, & Dayton. Though we specialize in residential and commercial roofing services, we are experts in a variety of exterior upgrades such as siding replacement and gutter installation. We want your experience to be exceptional, from start to finish, and we promise unparalleled service with everything we do. We call our approach the Alpha Way.

How to know if it’s time for a roof replacement

With Alpha Home Pros roof inspections being complimentary, scheduling yours is a risk-free move. We back our assessments and estimates with integrity and honesty, making our findings completely transparent and easy to understand. We won’t make any recommendations we wouldn’t feel comfortable giving our own mothers. There really is no easier way to find out if your roof is in need of an upgrade.

Furthermore, if you’re in a hail-prone area, we recommend routine inspections as the likelihood of warranty-ending damage is exponentially raised after each storm. Tell-tale signs of a roof in disrepair include:

  • ● Curled or cracked shingles
  • ● Mold and moisture
  • ● Loss of granules (asphalt or composite roofs)
  • ● Worn or missing flashing
  • ● Blistering or peeling exterior paint
  • ● Interior leaks
  • ● High energy bills

If you suspect any damage or wear and tear to your roof and/or its structural elements, don’t wait for it to become a bigger issue. Contact the Alpha Home Pros team now. We promise prompt attention and service with a smile. It’s the Alpha way.

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